3 a day.

When I joined Instagram, I wasn’t a freelance photographer, I had a career and was Art Director at LN-CC, @benoliel wasn’t a representation of my professional output, nor was it designed to be. I hadn’t been forced into perfectly curating my FEED by peers and people/brands I looked up too. I would post family, friends and drunken nights out without fear of being judged or critiqued. Years later all I seem to do is look at an infinate stream of beautiful content by photographers and creatives all over the planet. Listen…..we could all be ‘working’ more I am no exception to that, it makes one feel inadequate and like one is failing, its not like everyone is being commissioned daily, but when you follow 1,011 profiles the sheer volume of that content can and does become intimidating. I’ve often thought about leaving the platform but that would deny me from seeing the brilliance of you at the same time depriving me of inspiration and visual joy.

 Instead I have decided that I’m going to incorporate honesty into my thread, and instead of waiting until I have a job for a noteworthy client to @ I am going to begin to post 3 personal images shot specifically for this most day's, it won't hold me hostage but it will get me constantly 'looking'. I think being a freelance creative self doubt is completely natural and ok, but bowing to that doubt and becoming creatively introverted is not. I often feel like I have fallen into the trap of only producing work for clients and commissions, and I am slowly falling into a ‘style’ that I want to shake up in both style and content. When I look back on my photographs before things got so ‘grown up’ the freedom and naivity is something I love and something I want to go back too. Putting myself out there with shots of things that I see in my everyday life.

 I sat on the edge of my bed this morning to put my socks on, I was tired and my guard was down after a 7 hour round trip to shoot a portrait yesterday. I looked across and saw out fruit bowl on the bedroom floor, my wife had used it to carry the washing up the night before and it still contained a lemon and a lime, the carpet and skirting board with the morning light was lovely and instead of letting this go, I came up with this idea. I then turned the camera to the light of the wall as it came through the blinds. The third image is of my wife new DM, our 6 month year old Coco has just gone into her own bedroom, she slept in a hammock until she was 5 months, the frame is still in the corner as I’ve been lazy and not put into the loft yet, I took the DM and hung it from the chain. I love the idea of explaining each photo and stripping away the myth that is sometimes behind the lens.


Concrete Pier.

Passing Point.



AF1 left, team.

Stools at 15:46

AF1 right, team.


Porsche, Oxford.

Jan, Oxford.

Jan, Oxford.

Academia, Oxford.


John Right.

John badge.

John left.


Pylons at last light.

Mixed light on rope & chain.

Pendants in New Marske workies.


Teasel with Oh So Red.

Dahlia with Orange Glow.

Sunflower with River Oak.


Chairs 3.

Chairs 2.

Chairs 1.


Hat and Gloves.

Twig with seaweed.

Seagull in the wind.


Golden hour.

Vase on Sea Mist.



Looking across towards Scaling, 19:03.

Old lady sea glass collecting, Sandsend.

Safety first.


Doves foot is a weed but its the prettiest thing in my front garden.

Sunflowers on the kitchen top.

Geoff's Mercedes through bedroom blinds.


10:02 (an hour fast and not yet reset)

Fruit bowl used to carry washing up left on the bedroom floor.

DrMarten hanging from baby hammock stand with HDMI cable.