I first met Nigel Cabourn and Drew Holmes almost 9 years ago, whilst at oki-ni I travelled up to the companies base 'The Garden House' in Gosforth with long term mentor John Skelton to shoot a feature there. I had to add some of those images for you below.....


I remember being struck for the first time that 'IT' is possible to do what you love in the fashion world and not have to live hundreds of miles away from 'home'. I immediately formed a hugs affinity and admiration for Nigel, Drew and the brand.

Since this date I have worked very sporadically for NC on various photography projects, but when I made the leap to relocate I knew I needed to get in touch. I now find myself joining the  amazing Nigel Cabourn team  to help them produce more content using my commerce experience, I couldn't feel happier or luckier !

The first of my tasks was to travel to LCM 'London Collection Mens' during London Fashion week to shoot the brands first every LFW Presentation. The presentation was amazing and Nigel and the team had really poured their should into it setting up a genuine Ventile NC tent and serving kendal mint cake with camping stove warmed tea !