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Ben Benoliel


I am lucky enough to call Paula Gerbase of 1205 a close friend, we first met almost 7 years ago for a feature I was shooting at oki-ni.com called '10 new faces of menswear'. This was at the very beginning of 1205, to be perfectly honest the concept and product was almost as good then as it is now, that isn't to say that it hasn't moved on, it very much has, but, what 1205 has done is stuck very firmly to their principles and the vision and not been at all 'influenced' by a lot of the what I would call 'bollocks' that is around. I still long for the relaxed tailored blazer in the relaxed fabric with the contrasting inside seams and to this day my favourite pant is my cropped boxy 1205's. Paula even made my wedding suit which I will obviously treasure forever.

When the opportunity came around to pair 1205 & Bang and Olufsen together I couldn't think of a much better match, minimal with a huge attention to quality and detail whilst being so refined it stood apart from its peers. To read the feature on the B&0 Journal please click here.