To be able to call Bang & Olufsen a client is a dream come true for me, I grew up with bits and pieces around the house and have always aspired to one day be able to have some products myself. We are in 2015 and modernly this commission actually came through social media, I had been friends with a guy from B&O over Instagram for around 18 months, although we had never met after failed attempts in both London and Copenhagen the stars aligned where we could actually work on a project together, as you can imagine I was beyond excited ! It was a product placement feature to be run and published over London Fashion Week, it was a perfect opportunity for me to work with some of my favourite brands and people on London and the first of these had to be my old store LN-CC in Dalston.

LN-CC plays such a huge part in not only my career but my life, that I have a tattoo of the day that we pushed the button to 'GO LIVE' on my left leg ! Gang back there for the first time since leaving in December '14 was more difficult than i had even anticipated. I had the best afternoon catching up with the team, old and new and seeing how things have changed over 2015. The store looks incredible and if you haven't been yet you need to get to Dalston and explore the place, no appointments necessary these days.

To read the whole feature please visit B&O PLAY.