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Ben Benoliel


Was super chuffed to have been able to answer questions by Abby Dennison of Sunday Girl Magazine for Clevland College of Art & Design's website. I attended CCAD's foundation course before I went to LCF and it was this course that helped me get onto the BA Fashion Photography course. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by a successful local woman about a successful local college, for anyone that knows me, knows how important the North East and local area is to me.

below is a snippet from the piece, read the full interview here

  1. What advice would you give a current student looking to progress in fashion photography?
TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. I give this advice a fair bit and people laugh. But I’m serious! Take pictures! In the studio, on location, of models, of buildings of anything you want, anything that interests you. ‘Doing’ is the best way of learning and improving, I didn’t ‘do it’ enough, especially when I was a student. I don’t know many photographers that wouldn’t love the chance to go back to college/uni and have the opportunity to be in the studio, have access to the equipment and have the chance to use the darkroom to experiment and produce anything that you want with no ‘real world pressure’. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Brilliant work doesn’t have to be for a big client or for a major publication. Great work exists in its own right and the years in study are a great time to try and produce this!