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Ben Benoliel


My latest work with John Lobb took me to Dartmoor where Paula Gerbase turned the fashion presentation on its head completely ! 12 specially selected guests were flown in to the spectacular Hotel Endsliegh, Devon, where they were prepared for the inaugural John Lobb 'Spring Walk'.

The Brilliant Robert Storey crafted 5 beautifully simple but striking perspex display pods which housed the newest styles placed carefully within moss and foliage. The 5 pods were carefully positioned along the 3 mile trek and at each pod Gerbase talked the guests through the styles in the collection and the artisinal proceses they showcase.

The article 'SOLE SEARCHING' was featured exclusively in Wallpaper Magiazne's Septmber issue availbale to buy now this is an extract taken form the piece.

.....but to present the S/S 2017 offering, she took fashion editors to Dartmoor. ‘I wanted to immerse people in what Lobb would have seen when he journeyed to London,’ she says. ‘And I wanted to explain where I was coming from with my direction for the brand. It seemed relevant to get people to put one foot in front of the other, connect with the earth and interact with each other in nature, rather than in a showroom in a city.’
Six plinths displaying the S/S 2017 collection were placed along a route that started at Two Bridges, in the heart of Dartmoor, and meandered eight miles north. Gerbase introduced further examples of her tensile construction. ‘What I’ve achieved with this advanced way of making welted shoes is a lighter and more flexible shoe,’ she explains. ‘We travel a lot, men travel a lot.’ (She won’t comment on whether there are plans at John Lobb to introduce a women’s collection – she wears men’s.) ‘I have created something that provides comfort from the first wear, but you can replace the sole and your shoes will last a lifetime if you care for them properly.’

The full article is availble to view and read here.