AW | 2016

ELWIN’s understated design combines modern silhouettes with architectural textures and subtle detailing.

Sustainable, enduring design is at the core of British contemporary womenswear label ELWIN, whose focus is luxury cashmere.The philosophy of the label is to create clothes that last, with design that is distinctive and non trend led. The emphasis is on versatile pieces that can be worn and loved again and again. Style, quality and fit are at the forefront of this philosophy, consciously creating pieces that will stand the test of time.



ELWIN came to me to shoot their first campaign, they were at this point a very new brand and wanted to create something that enraptured their 'brand' to show to potential stockists and customers. We shot very early in the year and unusually had both SS16 as well as AW16 to shoot. 

ELWIN'S knitwear is beauttifully subtle and they are heavily inspired by architecture, so, we though that The Barbican estate in central London would be the perfect location. Extremely fortunately through a contact of the brands we had access to an absolutely beautiful 24th floor flat in on the of the towers. The flat made for the perfect location for the SS16 collection, the fabrics, the warm and nostalgic tones of wood. So that we gave the two seasons synergy but enough difference to set the shoots apart we went outside for the AW16 and concentrated on the cold, brutalist but equally wonderful concrete.


SS | 2016